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"Georgia English blends an intoxicating brew of vintage and contemporary sound, which makes the Americana genre so delightfully hard to define."

-WDVX 89.9 FM Knoxville


"Georgia's vocals have a distinct style that is both edgy and endearing."

- Bree Noble/Women of Substance Radio


"What really blows us away about Georgia is how authentic her voice is. She's not addressing the same love stories that we constantly hear on the radio. She's diving into deeper, more eccentric waters, with incredible results."

- Sonicbids Blog


"an invigorating blend of modern and retro..."

- The Monterrey Country Weekly


"Good Girls is an Americana roots album with contemporary styling. The blues piano backing on several of the tracks is well suited to the fresher, more modern take on many of the songs and the pedal steel adds an authenticity. If you fancy a little of the traditional merged with something new, then this is probably for you. A very promising debut album."

-Americana UK

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